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The study office KERKAR Slim, created in 2016 active mainly in geotechnical studies that relates to soils and groundwater as elements involved in stability and the good behavior of temporary or permanent constructions. As well as in order to provide solutions to soil problems, which does not relate only to soil mechanics, but to the contributions of geology, soil recognition, rock mechanics of the experience and economics of the project.

In Algeria, soil laboratories are the most suitable for geotechnical needs, but what they produce is in reality only one part or phase of the study;

Our objective is therefore to bring the lack to the geotechnical study itself: guide and schedule ahead the investigation campaign, then know how to calculate, verify and sizing before the laboratory’s intervention, studies that should be made for every project in Algeria.

The services offered by our study office are recognized in geotechnical missions (NF P 94 500 standard revised in November 2013).

Our Geotechnical Engineering office intervenes in the field of geotechnical engineering. It is approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Water Resources, with the following codes: